Treat yourself! This lighting system has become a very popular choice for Texans!

This customer absolutely loves his lighting and the ability to control the lighting for ambience

Screen pool enclosures have so many benefits that it will make you wonder why you haven't added one already.

  • The need to use less chemicals to balance the water in your pool.
  • The need for less-to-no need to clean debris from your pool.
  • A much more safe choice to protect children from wondering into your pool and satisfying the Attractive Nuisance requirements.
  • Gives a longer life for your swimming pool lining.
  • ​Much, much more...

Designing and building an enclosure that has a curved pool slab/deck is no problem for FDR Custom Enclosures, LLC

An aerial view of a pool enclosure that incorpoated a pre-existing gazebo as one enclosure

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